6 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 78010
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6 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 78010 6 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 780106 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 78010 6 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 78010 6 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 78010 6 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 78010 6 x 13 Antique Bashir Rug 78010

6 x 13 Antique Afghan Bashir Rug 78010

Size: 05'07 x 12'06
Main Color: Red
Age: Antique
Origin: Afghanistan
Transaction type: Cr
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78010 Antique Afghan Bashir Rug, 05'07 x 12'06.

Embark on a journey where tribal mystique seamlessly intertwines with the relaxed refined ambiance of a rustic lodge in this meticulously hand-knotted wool antique Afghan Bashir rug. Immerse yourself in the rich Afghani cultural symbolism, as the inherent tribal design and the warm, earthy tones skillfully woven into this masterpiece epitomize a fusion of worldly sophistication with an undeniably masculine allure.

Set against an abrashed brick red backdrop, the antique tribal rug unveils an intricate dance of symbolism, featuring an all-encompassing geometric pattern adorned with the timeless elibelinde motifs. These stylized female figures, symbolizing motherhood and fertility, are meticulously arranged in eight vertical columns, artfully interrupted by barber pole stripes that playfully disrupt the visual continuity.

Delve into the visual poetry of Burdock motifs gracefully running along the rug's width, their presence accentuated by subtle ying-yang symbols scattered like hidden gems. The comb border, a testament to protection against the evil eye, frames the composition, adorned with Goz motifs at its center. As an additional layer of safeguarding, sawtooth guard bands embrace the main border, adding a touch of intricacy and an extra layer of symbolic protection to this extraordinary piece.

Step into a realm where each motif carries a story, where the very fabric of this antique Bashir rug weaves a narrative of cultural heritage and timeless symbolism. This is not merely a rug; it is an embodiment of tradition, a symbol of protection, and a testament to the artistry of the Beshir tribe, whose legacy lives on in every knot and motif of this exquisite creation.

  • Rendered in variegated shades of brick red, rust, terra cotta, burnt orange, beige, blue, gold, green, brown, black, navy blue, ivory and saffron with other accent colors.
  • Abrash. Desirable Age Wear.
  • Hand knotted wool.
  • Made in Afghanistan.
  • Measures: 05'07 x 12'06.
  • Date: 1920s. Early 20th Century.