12 x 16 Vintage Shiraz Rug 7687812 x 16 Vintage Shiraz Rug 76878
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12 x 16 Vintage Shiraz Rug 76878 12 x 16 Vintage Shiraz Rug 76878 12 x 16 Vintage Shiraz Rug 76878

12 x 16 Vintage Shiraz Rug 76878

Size: 11'09 x 16'03
Main Color: Red
Age: Vintage
Origin: Afghanistan
Transaction type: Cr
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76878 Vintage Persian Shiraz Afghani Rug with Modern Colonial and Federal Style 11'09 x 16'03. Traditional and regal with brilliant color, this hand-knotted wool vintage Persian design area rug with modern Colonial and Federal style can beautifully blend contemporary and traditional interiors. It features a geometric pattern highlighting a central lozenge surrounded by an all-over rectilinear design composed of royal blue cross motifs, amulets, and oblong hexagonal shapes with hooked edges flanked with rosette vines spread across an abrashed vermilion red field. A royal blue botanical border flanked with an inner and outer eight point star guard band and crenelated fence guard borders frame this work of art. With timeless appeal, refined colors, and architectural design elements, this hand knotted wool vintage Persian style rug emanates so much character and will boost the coziness factor in nearly any space. Perfect for a great room, state room, grand living room, private library, home office, trophy room, drawing room, front room, dining room, bedroom, formal sitting area, studio, study, loft, or lounge area. This distressed vintage Heriz rug with modern style bespeaks timeworn refinement suitable for a variety of interior styles: Tudor, Arts & Crafts, English Cottage, Craftsman, Lodge, Federal, American Colonial, Traditional, English, Old World, Modern, Mid-Century Modern, Neoclassical, Contemporary, Industrial, and Eclectic. Rendered in variegated shades of vermilion, scarlet, red, royal blue, blue, beige and with hints of sage and other accent colors. Abrash. Hand-knotted wool. Made in Afghanistan. Measures: 11'09 x 16'03.