Handmade Rugs

To an untrained eye, it is difficult to tell the difference between a hand-knotted and machine made rug. Hand knotted rugs are made on a loom and are knotted by hand and typically made from wool, silk, cotton or other natural materials. Handmade Oriental rugs are woven from bottom to top. The carpet weaver inserts knots into the foundation and they are tied by hand making the “pile" of the rug. A knot is typically woven in a downward motion which creates the pile direction. It varies from rug to rug depending on the type of knot and style of weaving, the rug may have a distinct pile direction. The pile direction can be felt as well as seen. When running your hand down the smooth side, you're going with the pile direction. When running against the pile, it is not as smooth. Flat weave is another type of handmade rugs. They are handwoven in a flat weave pattern and do not have pile so there is no height to the rug. Kilims, soumaks and dhurries are all types of flat weave rugs.

One of the best ways to tell the difference between handmade and machine made rug is to look at the back. The weaving and knots will be slightly uneven in a handmade carpet while a machine made is perfectly even. You can also determine by looking at the fringe. The fringe in a handmade carpet is actually an extension of the rug while the fringe on a machine made is sewn on as a finishing touch. Whether you are looking for updated transitional styles or classic Oriental rugs, we have handmade rugs suited for every taste and budget.

Do you know what a rugs worst enemy is? It's not the glass of wine spilled on it. It's not the years of foot traffic and it is not from dogs and cats. A rugs worst enemy is moths. Wool rugs are the perfect meal and home for a moth. They like to hide in dark places. Female moths lay eggs hundreds of eggs in undisturbed areas where there is little to no foot traffic. Many will not notice any problems or damage until it is too late. A wool carpet damaged by moths is not difficult to repair, but reweaving large areas can be expensive. If you suspect a moth infestation, don't hesitate to give us a call (214) 651-7847 before the damage gets out of hand.