Fine Persian Rugs and Interior Design

Fine Persian rugs have stood the test of time. A culmination of artistic magnificence, fine Persian rugs are weaving their way back to the top. To trace the history of a Persian carpet is to follow a path of cultural growth from one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen. Fine Persian rugs are renowned for their richness of color, variety of artistic patterns and quality of design. In mansions, palaces, famous buildings and museums all over the world over, these fine rugs are among the most treasured possessions.

As much as you love hardwood floors, you have to admit that a fine Persian rug can really anchor a space and polish to a room and provide a dose of warmth. Not only do they have the ability to transform your room, these fine rugs from Iran can soften an echo and even serve as a starting point when decorating a space. With their vibrant patterns and rich tones, Persian rugs provide lots of versatility by letting you mix periods and colors to achieve your desired style. Fine Persian rugs made with silk are not recommended for busy traffic areas. They are unquestionably beautiful and work well to create an elegant interior, but silk rugs are not as durable as the rugs made from wool. Fine Persian rugs do well in formal areas with minimal traffic, bedrooms and they make excellent wall hangings. Persian rugs are beautiful, mysterious and can last for generations when cared for properly.

Fine Persian carpets are renowned for their silky pile, richness of color, exquisite quality and variety of elegant patterns. Authentic silk is produced from the cocoon of the silk worm and is very expensive. Its flexible strength has been used in silk warps; however, the silk also appears in the rug pile and is used to highlight special elements of the design. High-quality carpets and fine Persian rugs from Kashan, Qum, Nain, and Isfahan typically have an all silk pile and are tightly woven with real silk fringe extending from the rug.