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Can I own a nice rug if I have pets? YesMany of our customers ask, “Can I own a nice rug if I have pets?”

The answer is, “Yes!” Cats and dogs love rugs and carpets. Pets LOVE natural fibers. It isn’t that your pets don’t understand the cost of your handmade wool rug—it’s that pets are naturally drawn to the smell of wool. Pets really love the smell of wool and it activates our furry friends’ natural instinct to roll on them ensuring that their scent is left as well. Just as you love the feel of wool under your feet – these pictures of pets thank you for this wonderful experience as well. We like how rugs make everything a bit more comfortable, warmer and nicer. It’s especially nice for pets who are compelled to just collapse impulsively despite several cozy (and desolate) pet beds nearby. Check out these pets loving on their owner’s rugs.

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Dogs Love Persian Wool Rugs

Persian Rugs and Pets are Perfect