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Awe-inspiring art evokes profound emotions, delightfully arouses the senses and stimulates the mind. Through form, content and imagination, visual decisions made by creators of timeless artworks have the power to transform our environment and influence our perspective of the world. As with sculpture, painting and other forms of artistic endeavors, contemporary rug design demands talented craftsmanship, a passionate vision and inventive uses of textures, patterns and harmonious colors. Contemporary rugs captivate, inspire and address the deep-seated desire for symmetrical beauty in our lives. Behind our collection of contemporary rugs lie hundreds of innovative artisans driven by discipline, insight into the human condition and an abiding understanding of the art of weaving. More than just “art you can walk on,” the rugs we provide to our customers give empty spaces shape, color, balance and a special ambiance appreciated by your heart and soul. Aesthetically appealing and functional, contemporary rugs found only at Esmaili Rugs & Antiques will elevate any surrounding by infusing the area with a strong sense of times past and the fascinating cultures that gave life to materials of the Earth.

Want a fresh look for your space or next design project? Pick up a colorful patterned contemporary rug to add energy to nearly any room. Adding a contemporary rug is an easy and quick way to update your interiors. Interior designers and savvy homeowners are now stepping out of their comfort zones. Be bright and playful by adding a vibrant colored kilim for that extra touch of fun and cheerfulness to a contemporary space. Create inspiration by using a contemporary rug with strong graphics and colors.

Contemporary rugs are the ideal choice for fashion-forward spaces and modern homes with their unusual designs and color schemes. They can really help center a room, create structure, balance and make great conversation pieces. Not only do contemporary rugs succeed in introducing a sense of excitement your room may be craving, but many also blend well into modern settings without going '80s cliche. Large contemporary Moroccan rugs with their distinctive designs, ranging from free-form tribal motifs to geometric shapes and expressive patterns are sought after by top designers and savvy homeowners. The minimalist and abstract forms seen in Moroccan carpets represent the contemporary yet authentic creative and archaic spirit of tribal art. If you're not into the Moroccan shag, go for the geometric design patterns. They are equally retro cool with less upkeep.

We offer an assortment of solid, patterned and textured rugs in neutral and bright colors. Our contemporary rugs are constructed of high-quality materials such as wool and cotton for lasting durability. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or spaces requiring a touch of modernized style, our contemporary rugs add dimension, pattern and color. Make a chic statement with our collection of contemporary rugs including traditional designs and modernized vibes and global styles.

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