Rug Consignment and Trade-in

Trade In Antique Rugs at Esmaili’s Rugs and Antiques


Did you inherit an Oriental rug that you have no interest in using? Are you remodeling your home and in the market for a new one or possibly downsizing from a larger home? Before you assume there is no value to your handmade carpet, we would be happy to look at your antique rug and offer you a trade-in credit toward your purchase of another one with us. As one of the most trusted antique Oriental rug galleries in Dallas, our clients turn to us for trade-ins, consignment and appraisals. Give us a call, send us photos or stop by so we can take a look.

Antique Rug Consignment in Dallas

Selling your vintage rugs or anything else “on consignment” means you place the item in the care of the seller who displays the item in their store. Upon selling the item, you and the seller share pre-determined amounts of the sale price. For example, if you had a fur coat you no longer wore, you might consider taking it a consignment shop to get more for it than you would if you sold it outright. If your fur coat was sold for $1000, you would get a percentage of that amount. Some consignment shops have set percentages on items while others are more flexible about the percentage they make on items sold.

If you have vintage rugs you no longer use, why not bring them into Esmaili’s Rugs and Antiques to sell on consignment? We have experts who will carefully evaluate your rug, determine its approximate age and where it was made and provide you with an estimate on the rug’s value. From there, you can decide whether you wish us to sell the rug for you on consignment.


Advantages of Selling Antique Rugs on Consignment

In addition to having your rug on display at one of the leading vintage rug dealers in the country, choosing the antique rug consignment route has many other benefits:

  • You do nothing but bring your rugs to our shop. Once it has sold, you simply come in and get your share of the sale price.
  • Displaying your rug at Esmaili’s means you have immediate access to a large customer base that purchase antique rugs on a regular basis.
  • We do all the work for you, like taking photos of your antique rugs, writing descriptions of the rugs and shipping the rugs to customers who live outside of Dallas.
  • When your rug is sold on consignment with us, you can be assured it will be treated with great care and with the expertise only experienced rug collectors possess.

Antique rug consignment in Dallas at Esmaili’s can provide you with the funds you may need to purchase new vintage rugs for decorating purposes. Remember, you also have the option of trading in your vintage rugs for discounts on the beautiful rugs we have in our inventory.

If you have questions about our Dallas antique rug consignment or other selling alternatives, please call us today at (214) 651-7847.