Vintage and Antique Turkish Rugs

A Turkish carpet is a handwoven floor or wall covering made from wool, silk or cotton. Turkish rugs and textiles were a necessary household item for the nomadic tribes. They were used in the home, sold in local markets and exported making Turkish textiles an essential part of their culture.

Turkish rugs are made with many different types of motifs and emblems; however they are categorized into two categories: geometric motifs or floral designs. Every carpet has a story, so the designs are meaningful and each pattern is like a chapter in a book. To comprehend every motif would be a very long and tiring process. There are so many of them that have accumulated throughout the centuries and change from region to region. Some of the most common motifs on Turkish rugs are: ram horn, hands on hips, cypress or tree of life, mihrab, wheel of fortune, chest, grain and the eye. Unlike Persian rugs, the ornamentation on Turkish rugs are hardly ever decorative. The designs in Turkish carpets are intended to convey the weaver's beliefs, wishes and even coded messages.

Fine Turkish rugs and carpets are hand-knotted with super soft, silky wool and typically vegetable dyed. Vegetable dyes come from flowers, roots and insects producing variegated shades of gold, blue, red, green, grey, ivory and warm spice tones. Known for their decorative arts and intricate textiles, interior design in Turkey is a dynamic mix of east and west, old and new. Delightful to touch and lovely to look at, our lavish Turkish rugs work with a range of styles – is it any wonder they are a favorite of designers?

From antique, vintage and new to vibrant, muted or tribal Turkish rugs and kilims easily transition into nearly any decor. These works of art are used as stylish floor décor and even authentic Turkish rugs are found hanging on palace walls. Setting high standards and enriching home interiors, Turkish rugs bring distinguishing marks and original designs into modern interior design. Whether you're looking for elegant Oushaks or casual kilims, we carry authentic Turkish textiles to suit your taste, budget and color scheme.

Types of Turkish Rugs and Carpets: Oushak, Zeki Muren, Caucasian, Kazak, Anatolian, Turkestan, Sivas, Yazdak, Tulu, Bergama, Hereke, Konya, Milas, Kilim, Cicim, Halı, Sumak, Hereke, Seljuk.