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Portuguese Rugs for Sale

Possessing a beautiful Portuguese rug collection, Esmaili’s Rugs and Antiques is proud to offer these forgotten gems to rug collectors, interior designers and architects. Famous for their elaborate embroidery, needlepoint and soft wool texture, Portuguese rugs emerged from talented knotted-pile carpet weavers creating their works of art as early as the 15th century. Exhibiting wide variations of style and design, Portuguese rugs often present adaptations of symmetrical folk-art symbols and motifs, rococo ornamentation and impressions of Anatolian rugs. Portuguese rug makers are also known for their Alpujarra rugs and carpets with pile in loops. These were made mostly in Spain between the 15th and 19th centuries south of Granada in the Alpujarras district.

Arraiolos Portuguese Rugs

Famous for exquisitely woven tapestries and wool carpets, Arraiolos needlework carpets have been gracing manor homes and palaces in Portugal for hundreds of years. Rug scholars believe that the Moors introduced this unique style of rug weaving. Generations of tapestry and rug makers endeavored to preserve the tradition of the Arraiolos carpet design. Exotic myths surround the Tapetes die Arraiolos, such as one about a bride covering herself with this type of rug on her wedding day. Engaged to a man who had to fight in the war between the Moors and the Christians, the bride grieved the loss of her looks to time. When her betrothed finally returned from war to marry, she covered herself with an Arraiolos rug to conceal the ravages of time.

Design Styles of Portuguese Rugs

Originally following Indian and Persian designs, our Portuguese rugs for sale online also exhibit modern designs that later became popular after the 18 th century. Before the 1700s, however, Arraiolos design styles encompassed three different rug-making eras:

  • The period portraying the decorative influence of vintage Persian rugs
  • The second period incorporating popular motifs, such as Portuguese animals and depictions of daily life
  • The third period toward the end of the 1700s that continued for two hundred years and presented stylized patterns that were more delicate and less dense

Brimming with old-world character and charm, our Portuguese rugs for sale will imbue any interior with a lavish, sophisticated yet charming ambience. Warmly transform your living areas by laying meticulously detailed Portuguese rugs capable of seamlessly blending with your choice of interior design qualities, from contemporary to shabby chic to transitional. Creating a compelling vibrancy with the rich abrash waves of Portuguese rugs sweeping over softly repetitive patterns that are intricate without being ostentatious, Portuguese rugs provide eternal formalities functioning as the quintessential decorative element for any space or environment.

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We are proud to be one of very few rug collections to include the beauty and exceptional craftsmanship of handmade Portuguese rugs. Browse our selection and then call us to learn how you can become the proud owner of a highly collectable and fabulously divine Portuguese rug: (214) 651-7847.